Fresh Air

Anyone else might get a burst of energy and want to run out and do something exciting when the stifling Florida heat suddenly decides it’s going to relieve us by blowing wonderful gusts of cool air through our open windows. Not me. Not today. I felt like snuggling, even if only with myself, or the dog, or a kid or two every now and then. I woke the girls this morning with bribes of homemade hot chocolate. We sat and sipped quietly under our fleece blankies on the couch. I made beef stew with leeks. I cleaned up a piece of furniture I found at a yard sale and was glad the garage didn’t feel like it’s usual sauna-like state. I gathered my sweaters from the place they were drying after getting them out of storage and washing the stale summer off of them. I’m going to put my favorite, most comfy one on and take a drive a little later to nowhere in particular. I’ll figure that out when it’s time.